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Uptima Business Bootcamp is an innovative member-owned business accelerator dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with greater access to hands-on education, resources and community to create thriving businesses.

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Are you looking to take a leap to being your own boss? Are you already self-employed and interested in building your practice? Are you struggling to sustain yourself as a self-employed person?  Our online Freelancer Accelerator program is now available to help you define your service offering, develop client relationships and establish the foundation to thrive as your own boss.

Business Advising Services

Are you on a fast track for developing a business and need an even more accelerated program? Do you need for specific assistance in only one or a few areas of developing a self-employed practice or business? Are you looking for additional coaching to help keep you on track for developing your self-employed practice or business?  Learn how our Business Advising Services can support you.

What members are saying…

Anisha Desai,

It was truly the single most important class that I have ever taken without exaggeration— including my formal academic graduate work. I’ve never before been in a class that so instantaneously established that it was critical to bring your complete self to the table in order to succeed. It is profound, what this “seeing of yourself”, can produce—clarity, confidence, and drive.

Anisha Desai, Founder of Radical Ceremony
James Shields,

One practice that changed in my business is assessing my capacity to work with prospective clients. Now that I have a greater understanding of what I offer as a service, I can determine which clients are mutually beneficial for me to work with.

Talia Dashow,

What I would like to tell others about the Uptima experience is that community is valuable. There are so many things that we struggle with alone in front of our computers that we can get help with. Having access to a mentor during the week, as well as talking with my fellow students, helped tremendously with questions that came up between classes.

Talia Dashow, Play Professional
Brian Edgar,

The program is excellent. The materials and exercises are all extremely practical. And the weekly group calls and one-on-on calls with a mentor, were part of building the community of trust. I can’t recommend Uptima highly enough.

Brian Edgar, Writing Coach and Education Consultant


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